Message from the CEO

Revolution of communication strategy

Corporate information-intense culture flow, gained the power to 100% is really how? Know-how knowledge in book reading and consulting firms, it is also participated in lectures, such as the old information and during such practical information can't get even a handful. Take grab victory law and from that is not exaggeration to say no mean feat. We are not fantasy based on theories, based on optimal information reform proposals we have, make sure to practice it in their practices and know-how. At that time the most timely knowledge, always a practical proposal that offers. You sure their ecommerce sales Yen 1800000000 know-how.

Company Outline

Company name
OTOGINO co., Ltd.
Kimihiro Onitake
877-0078, Oita Prefecture Hita City North tomoda 2-2123-1
Web site
August 8, 2003
Sales Branch
Fukuoka ecLaboratoryFukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City Hakata Nakasu 5-3-8 Aqua Hakata 5F
Tokyo OfficeTokyo Shinjuku-ku, Nishi Shinjuku 3-7-1 Shinjuku Park Tower 30F
Shenzhen OfficeDeep Shenzhen shajing People's Republic of China
Odin Electronics Co., Ltd.,Oita Prefecture Hita City North tomoda 2-2123-1
tie-up office
Shanghai OfficeChina people's Republic Road Shanghai City
Taiwan OfficeTaipei, Jin-AI
Canada OfficeAvon, West Montreal, QC, CANADA H4X2G8,
Adviser attorneyOrange International Patent Office Hiroaki Yamauchi
Bian nurse consultantKazuaki Yoshii

Business Plan

EC business and global business
Expansion of the experience and know-how of domestic EC business to overseas mail-order business, which was based on.s
Natural renewable energy business
Coreless motor mounted small wind power generation and solar automatic tracking type solar power generation system, the solar power generation full-driven low voltage water pump with a focus, domestic sales of the emergency power generation system.
Alcoholic beverage business
Import and sale of wine and liquor by mail order acquisition, related goods sales and mail-order sales of domestic alcoholic beverages.

Company name

Company Name
Called "fairy field" over the Oita Prefecture Yufuin "Sagiri table", there is a disturbance bloom Makino of evening primrose. The Ayakari to the name of this land with a legend that God of wind live, gathered people, by the thought that if accustomed to where the information is coming and going, also, named after the ancient Japanese fantasy "fairy tales", the heart of the sum Do not forget IT companies Taranto, a name that the current "OTOGINO" was born.
Company Logo
Wind, clouds and air logo "fairy field" is inspired design. Blue of the company image color also, here has become the origin.