What's Magic Sakura

Magic Sakura is very magical tree!

The tree is made of paper but after pouring the Magic water, Magic Sakura bloom in 12 hours as real Cherry blossom. We designed it like a cherry blossom came from picture book.We love and enjoy to watch the fully bloomed cherry blossom and the fluttering down of blossoms every spring. We feel the beauty and special feeling even when we see the flowers fall. So we thought that it would be wonderful if we could make own cherry blossom and enjoy it whenever and wherever we want. In this way, Magic Sakura was born. We hope that you enjoy Magic Sakura whenever and wherever you want.

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Bloom In 12 Hours

Development Story

Our loving cherry blossom!

There are many old tale stories in Japan.One of the famous stories is “Hanasaka jiisan (THE OLD MAN WHO MADE CHERRY BLOSSOMS)".The main character of story is an old man who is very kind.In this story, he sprinkled "magical powder" on a dead cherry tree, and then it was bloomed very beautiful magically. After that he lived in peace and happy.I like this story and I asked my mother to read it many times when I was child.And I wanted to make cherry blossom bloom someday. That was my childhood dream. Everyone will be happy with smile under cherry tree.Therefore Japanese people has been very attracted to cherry blossom since long ago.

Encounter with the technique to make a paper tree blossom

There was a technology that make a paper tree blossom in ancient China.However, we heard that the technology was lost due to various reasons.But, fortunately we could get acquainted with the person who restored that technology.
This encounter led us to produce Magic Sakura.To make cherry blossom came from Hanasaka jiisan, I drew?hundreds sketches of cherry tree I had imaged since I was child. And we made prototype many times for producing it faithfully.
Then, Magic sakura was completed, but it was not made in Japan.We want to make Magic Sakura made in Japan because Sakura is a symbol of Japan.This technology is a traditional technology and strictly confidential.However, he allowed to teach it us because we built a strong trust relationship since the development of Magic Sakura.Also he understood and touched our passion that we want to make it in Japan.And finally "Magic Sakura - Made in Japan" was born. It took 5 years to make it from we made Magic Sakura.

Magic Sakura - the shape of Japanese hearts and minds

As you know, Japanese people love cherry blossom and enjoy cherry blossom viewing every spring.Cherry blossom blooms beautifully and falls down soon.
Therefore, we feel both the beauty and hakanasa when we see Sakaura.That’s why Sakura has been loved by the Japanese for a long time.Hakanasa is a unique feeling that the Japanese feel when we see something evanescent, such as shooting stars, fireworks and, of course, sakura.
We wish to burn them into our minds because they will be gone soon.
We feel the superlative beauty because they exit beautifully every moment.Then we expressed ”hakanasa -Japanese unique mind”by Magic Sakura.We hope that you enjoy growing Magic Sakura and feel Japanese culture and mind thorough it.




Spec And Components

The materials of Magic water is harmless.

  1. It doesn't include any chemicals, so you can use it safety.
  2. Materials : Water, Sodium acetate, Food additive

Magic Sakura

  • JAN:4582469653820
  • Package size: Width 125mm × Height 171 mm × Depth 12 mm
  • Dimensions : [Tree]Width 105 mm × Height 136 mm [Tray] Width 120 mm × Height 114 mm
  • Materilas : Peper tree : Paper / Tray: Plastic / Magic water : Water, Food additives, Sodium acetate

Magic Sakura MINI

  • JAN: 4582469653813
  • Package size: Width 116.3 mm × Height 111.8 mm × Depth 10 mm
  • Dimensions : [Tree]Width 75 mm × Height 90 mm [Tray] Width 116 mm × Height 112 mm
  • Materilas : Peper tree : Paper / Tray: Plastic / Magic water : Water, Food additives, Sodium acetate

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