Magic Sakura will be full bloom in 12 hours!


- Magic Sakura -

grows like a real cherry blossom in 12 hours after pouring Magic water.

We want you to feel more closer to Japanese culture and spirit. So we created "the new style of Japan". - Sakura, cherry blossom, has been deeply loved by the Japanese through the ages. Magic sakura was created as motif of cherry blossom, a symbol of Japan. We hope Magic Sakura bloom all over the world. And also it will give you the feeling "beauty" and "hakanasa (All worldly things are transitory)" throughout the full-blown cherry blossom and the falling of blossoms.


Magic Sakura is getting popular among people all over the world

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  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • United States
  • Slovakia
  • Germany
  • Malaysia
  • Korea
  • Hong Kong
  • S.A.R Czech Republic
  • Canada
  • Poland
  • Mexico
  • France
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  • South Africa
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